10 Creative Tips For Upgrading Your Boring Old Business Card


Are you searching for an effective way to market your business? Yes! Business cards can be of great help. They are a super effective tool for marketing and networking a business.

However, the data revealed that around 27 million cards are printed daily. It simply means that there are 26.999 million more cards in competition for a single printed card. The competition is high. And to make it stand out from the crowd, you must upgrade it to look great.

We have curated the best creative tips to help step up your card’s design. Read on the tips to revamp your old and boring business cards to make them do the most work possible for you.

10 creative tips to upgrade your boring old business cards

1. Focus on the target audience

The most crucial rule is to concentrate on the intended audience. What your target audience wants to see should be reflected in the design of your card. For instance, if designers are your target market, your website’s aesthetics or other components should reflect that.

2. Use a basic legible font.

You might sometimes wish to include too much information on business cards. The information that isn’t even required to be put on in the first place. And you may even feel easy to read and comprehend before printing. However, after printing, the text ends up looking cluttered and too small to read or comprehend.

So, try not to include too much information. Also, never shrink the information to the extent that it becomes difficult to infer at first glance.

3. Keep it relevant to your industry.

While creating a business card, businesses must ensure that all the design elements and aesthetics must be associated with their industry. For example, if you are in the real estate business, a picture of a house on a business card to showcase your field of expertise will be great.

4. Always proofread before printing.

Proofreading before getting cards printed is a savior. So, you must check for any typos in the details provided or mistakes, such as straight borders on all sides must be corrected in due time. These are some of the common mistakes that lead to misalignment in printing and leave a negative impact on current and potential prospects.

5. Always follow the basic design guideline.

All printed business cards must follow the basic design guidelines as mentioned below:

  • Color model- It should be CMYK which is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.
  • Font size- It should be minimal yet easy to read and comprehend at first glance.
  • Image quality- To get the best reproduction of an image, always use 300 DPI.
  • Ensure to leave a lot of blank space

Most of the time, the recipients look forward to jotting down information, including why and how they received your card on the card itself. It helps them to remember certain crucial information down the line.

So, you need to ensure to put in only the vital information while leaving a lot of blank space to make it convenient for recipients to make notes then and there.

6. Select paper quality, type, and thickness smartly

When a range of upgraded paper quality, types, and thicknesses is available in the market, careful consideration and selection are important.

Talking of the paper finishing, glossy or matte, it entirely depends on various factors such as target audience, industry, and key information you want to put in your business cards.

And talking of the paper quality, the most commonly used papers are either the 14-point cardstock which is thin, or the 16-point cardstock, which is the thickest.

7. Make cards more functional and useful.

Often, business cards keep mounting up in piles without any functionality or usefulness. However, you can draw undivided attention to your cards by making them more functional and useful. For example, you can transform your business cards into cell phones or hair clip holders.

8. Keep the design and elements consistent.

As your brand identity depends on it, typography, brand logo, and colour palette are the essential components, in which a photo maker can take care of the harmony. Therefore, you must be sure to maintain consistency across all of your brand’s products and channels for marketing and advertising your company.

9. Upgrade to smart NFC business cards

The final tip is to switch to Plastic NFC business cards which stand for near-field communication business cards. It has two components: a digital business card and an NFC tag. This tag allows you to share your contact information with a single tap. It is a creative way to revamp your old and boring business cards.


Designing an impressive card requires a lot of attention. And now, you can get a headstart by sticking to our above-mentioned creative tips. So, wait no more and give these tips a try to revamp your old and boring card today.

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