5 Tips for Purchasing a Bespoke Horse Stable


Whether you’re starting with your first stable, or just looking to upgrade your current housing situation for your horses, there are a few things to keep in mind when designing a bespoke stable. The types of materials you use, the number of horses you need to house, and the overall size you want it to be will be considerable factors that will impact the pricing of the stables. Keep reading to learn my top 5 tips for purchasing a bespoke horse stable.

1. Identify your requirements:

What do you really need from your stables? Think about your longer term goals for your horses. Are you looking to purchase more horses in future, or are you interested in breeding your horses? You want to make sure that the size of your stables is realistic for where you see yourself in the next few years. You’ll also want to consider the weather during the hottest and coldest months and consider how you’ll provide adequate warmth and shelter for your horses. Prices can jump up quickly, especially if you’re using high price point materials. If this is feeling a little overwhelming, you’d be right. Get in contact with us at Vale Stables and start your project today.

2. Choose the right stable builder:

This is probably one of the biggest choices you’ll make when you’re looking to purchase a bespoke horse stable. The right provider can help make suggestions that will ensure you end up with stables that you love all while staying within your budget. They can help guide you as to what materials will best suit your project and goals. It’s important to choose a stable designer that has ample experience and is open to your feedback and suggestions to ensure you end up with a product you truly love.

3. Consider the materials:

What kind of materials you use will make a considerable difference to the overall price point of the build. If you’re not well versed in stable building, it will be worthwhile having a detailed chat with the builders to see what their suggestions are. Depending on where you live, the preferred materials will vary considerably, so be sure to take heed with their advice. If you have any friends who have stables nearby you can also ask them what they liked about their build and what they’d do differently the next time.

4. Think about the horse’s needs:

You’ll want to consider the horses needs not only to survive, but to flourish. Pay attention to things like how much sunlight they’ll get inside, the ventilation, and overall size. You want your horses to be comfortable in their stables, while respecting your overall budget. It’s also really important to consider drafts because you want to ensure your horses are comfortable and warm during the winter. You might also want to implement some electrical products such as fans, automatic feeders and waters, and even some cameras to keep an eye on the horses when you’re not around.

5. Plan for the future:

What are your long term goals with your horses? Do you want to move into breeding? If you’re not sure if you’d like to expand your horses in the future, maybe make sure that your stable designs can be easily adjusted for more horses if you choose to have more. It might be worthwhile talking to the stable designer about your long term growth so they can make some suggestions that will work now and keep options open for the longer term too. I hope these tips give you the confidence to codesign a horse stable that you’ll love and enjoy for years to come!

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