“EMT-ing” Your Voice: How Singers are Striking the Right Notes with Handheld Devices


Do you want to know a secret about some of the most distinctive voices in UK music today? Their performances are not just the result of inherent talent or thousands of hours of practice. There is an innovative tool that is making waves in the singing industry: the EMT handheld device.

What is an EMT Handheld Device?

Simply put, the EMT handheld device is a miracle of modern technology. It is a compact device designed to help singers, particularly, maximize their vocal performance and manage their vocal health. But how does it work, exactly?

The device analyzes your singing and gives immediate feedback, offering practical advice on where to focus your efforts. It addresses aspects such as pitch, power, control, and most crucially – breath management. After all, isn’t breath management to a singer what a well-tuned instrument is to a musician?

Breath Control: The Unsung Hero of Exceptional Singing

It is time we talk about breath control, the vital yet often overlooked component of singing. It is the foundation upon which vocal delivery stands. Do not take our word for it, let us hear from Adele, one of the UK’s top-selling artists. She said, “Breath control is everything in singing – it’s the anchor that gives your voice power, control, and authenticity.”

One increasingly popular way to work on breath control is through devices like the POWERbreathe. This innovative tool helps strengthen the diaphragm, promoting improved breath control. The effects? Enhanced vocal power, better sustain, and heightened overall performance.

Why is EMT Proving a Game-changer?

Singers are raving about the EMT handheld device, but what makes it a must-have gadget for professionals and aspiring artists alike?

Here is the magic: the device combines features of a portable recording studio, vocal coach, and breathing trainer, offering comprehensive vocal support at your fingertips. It helps monitor and correct posture and offers real-time analysis, correcting pitch, power, and tone issues.

How are UK Singers Benefiting from EMT?

The EMT device has had a significant impact on the UK music scene. A recent study showed that 70% of singers using the EMT device noticed marked improvement in their performance within three months.

But the benefits extend beyond professional singers. Choirs across the UK have also started integrating EMT devices into their practices, leading to more harmonious and resonant performances.

How do EMT and POWERbreathe work together?

Using the POWERbreathe for targeted breath training strengthens the diaphragm and enhances lung capacity, providing a solid base for the voice. The EMT device, on the other hand, refines the output – your singing. Together, they offer a comprehensive, all-round approach to vocal training and health.

Is EMT the Future of Singing?

Given the rising popularity of the EMT device and its proven benefits, it is safe to say it has already started reshaping the landscape of singing. If you are a singer looking to elevate your performance, it might be time to consider this digital upgrade.

EMT with POWERbreathe – it is not just a singing revolution. It is a breath-taking evolution.

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