iPhone 5 VS Galaxy S3 Hands-on In-Depth Comparison


The latest trademark and optimized Smartphone from Apple is the iPhone 5. It has made a great debut entry that grabbed Apple’s market as well. The Phone still carries some disappointments. If you are looking to buy the best smartphones between these two, then here are the keen aspects that provide a perfect result for choosing the best Smartphone. Get detailed information about various smartphone devices and their specifications, on this website: mobilearabi.net

Design and construction

The Design and construction is the most important feature to be noted for a Smartphone. The iPhone 5 is crafted beautifully pocket-able and durable as well just like EE 4G mobile phones. Apple is the only company that knows to design better smartphones than anyone. The iPhone 5 doesn’t make much change from iPhone 4, but still, it remains the best Smartphone in the market today. The improved shatter and scratch-resistance of glass and increased aluminum in the frame make the iPhone 5 more durable than other predecessors like Samsung carrying polycarbonate, which is a durable of plastic-type. When it comes to weight the iPhone 5 is 112 gms only which is less than the S3 of 133 gms. This is possible due to the thinness of the iPhone 5, which suits the Droid Razr\’s impressive depth of 7.6mm. The S3 is 8.6 mm thick, which tends to increase its weight.


Though it is tough to argue, that Apple\’s iPhone has better built than Samsung’s, but Galaxy S3 makes better comfort than iPhone 5. The S3 is the device that made the customers migrate over a large screen. Despite having significantly longer and wider than iPhone 5, the S3 feels more comfortable to use and hold in hand. Placing volume and power buttons on the sides toward the middle of the phone make the users operate more naturally. The iPhone 5 is comfortable as well, but it has not placed the buttons in the right way. The 4.8-inch screen is comfortable to hold and completely usable. Are you interested in learning more about the latest smartphones? Visit this dedicated website https://manarax.com/ for further details.

User Interface

Moving on to the similarities between Samsung and Apple products, the User interface makes the most important difference to be considered. It is tough to argue against Apple mostly with iPhone deals the UK. The iOS is so easy, simple to use, and includes all fun animations. When compared, there are no other operating systems maintaining so sophisticated and pleasant to operate and learn. Launching S3, Samsung is trying hard to make a more beautiful and consistent Android OS. Android’s latest interfaces are not much brighter than iOS. With lacking some important aspects it kept the device behind the iPhone 5.

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