Loranocarter+Morton Become One of The Top Duos in The Industry


There is no one right way to become a successful duo in the creative industry. However, for loranocarter+morton, becoming one of the top duos has come down to hard work, dedication, and always staying true to their vision.

Loranocarter+morton: a power couple

Loranocarter+morton is a unique duo in the creative industry. Founded by Loran Carter and Morton Kogan. Since founding their studio in 2014, the two have continuously pushed themselves creatively and worked tirelessly on projects that they believe in. This approach has resulted in them securing some high-profile commissions from major brands such as Nike, Google, and Mercedes-Benz – just a few examples of clients who appreciate what this unique duo brings to the table.

What contributes to the success of loranocarter+Morton?

What makes loranocarter+morton so successful? There are many factors at play, but hard work, dedication and always staying true to their vision are essential ingredients. These two know how to balance each other out perfectly; while Loran is more reserved and analytical, Morton is outgoing and intuitive – which leads to an extremely productive working relationship.


Their complementary skillsets have also allowed them to explore different mediums with ease; whether it’s motion graphics, graphic design, or web development, loranocarter+morton can do it all without compromising on quality or creativity. In today’s rapidly changing landscape where new technologies are constantly emerging, being versatile like this is crucial for success.

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