Posts Advertisements Instantly With New OLX Mobile App


In today’s market, there are various online portals available due to their usage and demand in the industry. OLX is one of the biggest and most popular online portals where consumers can sell or purchase different products in an easy and fast way. If the consumers make a decision about selling products, then they can post short descriptions of the products that they want to sell. They can also make estimates about the ratings of the services or products, which they wish to sell. Get detailed information about the best way to promote your business, on this website:

Sellers can also comprise their contact information in a prescribed manner and mention their address simply. This feature supports the purchaser in finding the direct seller of services or products and they can directly contact them as their contact details are mentioned along with products or service description. Consumers can post free ads in India according to their requirements and preferences with the help of this online portal. Due to more usability and demand of this online portal, OLX has invented a new mobile app for different operating system platforms such as Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Blackberry and many others. Every operating system has its own requirements in order to install this app on its platforms.

What OLX mobile app can do?

There are numerous features of this latest mobile app available for your mobile phones and Smartphones. Some features are mentioned below:

  1. You can view full advertisement descriptions in an easy and fast way along with the full-screen images.

  2. With the help of this app, you can easily find out the various ads according to your location. This app makes use of the location detector of your device if present.

  3. You can view your OLX account in your confined language.

  4. You can also reply to various ads that are posted on OLX through this mobile app, if installed on your devices.

  5. You can also control your advertising such as selling, purchasing and activities concerned with communities with the help of My OLX.

  6. You can take a picture with a camera from your mobile and then type a description about the picture, and cost, and then post this picture in the form of ads in a quick manner with the help of this new mobile app.

  7. You can post advertisements and sell or purchase of products or services within a couple of seconds.

How to get OLX mobile app

If you want to get OLX mobile app on your mobile phones or smartphones, firstly you need to check whether your device is compatible with this mobile app or not. In order to Download OLX App on your Android and iOS devices, you need to have an Android 2.1 version or above and iOS 7 respectively. You can avail of this mobile app from different places such as the play store depending on your mobile phone or Smartphone, online portals, OLX official website, and many others. This mobile app is available to you free of cost from the above-mentioned places. You can start posting ads, sell or purchasing different products and services by downloading and installing this app on your devices.

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