Compulink EHR vs. Amazing Charts Charts EHR


Both software can perform electronic medical record-keeping functions very well. Both software offers similar solutions. They might not be the best suited to your specific needs. Software interfaces were designed for practitioners. They are very invested in their software and their customers. Get detailed information about the technologies and gadgets being used in the medical industry, on this website:

Amazing Charts EHR Outline

Amazing Charts can be used on-premise or cloud as an EHR system. It was created by a physician. It is designed to be easy-to-use for small-sized independent practices. The software also offers robust charting and management tools. It integrates with the electronic health record to allow for clinical documentation. It also manages the financial management workflow. Practitioners can manage their entire patient portfolio with the embedded billing and revenue cycle management module. They can also manage the patient’s history, treatment plan, and visit with one system. It was created from the ground up to best serve independent practices. All features have been designed with the end user in mind.

Here are some key features of Amazing Charts

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Compliance Tracking
  • E-Prescribing.
  • Self Service Portal.
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Voice Recognition

How do I request an EHR Demo of Amazing Charts?

It is easy to request a demo. Customers need to visit the company’s website, then click on the contact link. The customers will be required to fill out a form. The sales representative will then contact customers to inform them about the software’s features. To give customers a taste of the software, the company offers a free trial.

Amazing Charts EHR Pricing – How to Get the Best Deal

The pricing information for the software is available on the company’s website. Pricing starts at $229 for the lowest tier version, and $349 for higher tier versions. Customers interested in the software can also negotiate customer deals for themselves. At the moment, the company doesn’t offer a free version.

Review of Amazing Charts EHR and how they stack up?

On the internet, the software has received some positive reviews. Based on 96 user reviews, the software has been rated at 3.55

Compulink EHR Features

Compulink, a cloud-based EHR software, provides. The software offers all-in-one EHR solutions. This software was created to allow solo medical practices to provide better patient care. It allows practitioners to increase their business success and profitability. It facilitates quick documentation of patient files to speed up workflows. An ASC module can be used to transfer information between the clinic and the surgery center for surgical practices. There are also revenue cycle management services. Software that manages surgical practices has an ASC module. This allows information to be passed between centers and clinics. You can also access revenue cycle management services. Access to the software can also be made available via a cloud-based or hosted server. This feature allows users to access the software from any location at any time.

What are their main functions and features?

Software supports patient billing, which allows patients to bill for services they use. All paperwork is eliminated as the billing process takes place electronically. The tool also allows patients to be registered. It also supports reports that are specific to the facility. You can customize the reports to meet your needs.

The software can also be integrated into labs. The tool also supports iPad use, which allows it to be used remotely from the iPad. Voice recognition is also available, which can speed up the process and aid in workflow. It supports billing features.

What are the pros of Compulink Healthcare?

  • It allows you to personalize the software
  • It is equipped with cloud servers that keep you connected and are fast
  • It is easy to use the software

What are Compulink Healthcare’s cons?

  • It can be difficult to quickly return to a particular patient encounter.
  • Sometimes, there are crashes after a new update is released.

Compulink has a few key features:

  • Claims Management.
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Claims Scrubbing.
  • Practice Management.

How do I request Compulink EHR Demo?

It is easy and straightforward to request a demo from the company’s website. To request a demo, the customer must go to the company website. A form will appear asking for basic information. The customer will be contacted by a company representative to learn more about the software features and the software. The software is not available for free.

What is the Compulink EHR Price?

The pricing information is not made available to the public via the company’s website. This is part of their pricing and marketing strategy. Customers can still go to any vendor’s website to get a price quote. The software is not available in a free version at this time.

Compulink EHR Review and What They Look Like?

Compulink EHR has received a lot of positive reviews online. Based on 271 reviews, the software has been rated 45 by It has also been rated 74% by, based on 93 user votes.

Software’s Major Drawbacks

Amazing Charts:

  • Poor customer support.
  • The interface of the software is outdated.
  • Some features can be difficult to use.
  • For new users, the interface can be a little intimidating.


  • The software has a learning curve.
  • It has indexing problems and crashes occasionally.
  • Software upgrades can cause more problems than they solve.
  • It is very click-intensive.

Future Perspectives for Each Software

Amazing Charts and Compulink are both very successful in terms of their customer base. These companies invest in future ventures constantly. They expand in new markets and regions. They also invest in the development of the software, mainly its interface. They plan to add more features, but it is not clear when.


Both softwares are very good and provide great user interfaces. Which one is better? That is up to the users, as they will be using it. They must evaluate their own situation and take all aspects into account. What are their budgetary limitations and what software can they afford long-term? Which software meets their operational needs and has all the features they need? The customer must choose the right software for their business.

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