Genital Herpes and Pregnancy


Genital herpes is an STI (sexually transmitted disease), which can affect your thighs, bottom, and genital areas. When you have a herpes episode, small sores will appear on the affected area. These sores can be extremely painful during a herpes attack. The herpes simplex virus causes GH and there are two types, type 1 which can also result in cold sores, and type 2, which both cause genital herpes. Get detailed information about various types of infections and their possible treatment, on this website:

Once you have contracted the virus it will be in your body for the rest of your life and you will have attacks of sores intermittently. When pregnant it is important to tell your midwife if either yourself or your partner has the virus as although rare, the virus can cause harm to your unborn child. Most mothers have healthy babies even if they have herpes, so it is important not to worry but to seek help and advice.

Do you have genital herpes?

The symptoms of herpes can be different from person to person and symptoms may not even appear for a long time after getting infected. Sometimes it can be years before you get an attack of painful sores. If you do show symptoms shortly after getting infected they can be worse than the next attacks, often lasting for up to three weeks.

Symptoms include;

  • Tiny painful sores on your bottom, genitals and thighs. They usually start as blisters and them pop.
  • A stinging sensation when you pass urine
  • Discharge from your vagina
  • Lymph nodes may swell up in the groin area
  • Symptoms of flu, including muscle ache, a headache and fever

Later attacks should be milder and last for less time. Trying paracetamol and bath salts can ease the pain of the primary attack. After this your body should producer antibodies that will attack later symptoms in the future.

How can I catch herpes?

  • If your skin touches the skin of someone having a herpes attack on the affected area
  • Oral sex if your partner has a cold sore
  • Full sex and foreplay

Will herpes affect my child?

It is unlikely that herpes will affect your baby unless herpes is contracted late on in the pregnancy. This means there is a chance the baby will also get the virus which means they get an infection called neonatal herpes, at the very worst this can but your babies health at risk. This is why is very important to tell your midwife if you think you may have herpes.

If you contracted herpes before the pregnancy your body should have made enough antibodies to fight attacks, which means so will your baby. If you have contracted herpes in the first trimester it can unfortunately lead to a miscarriage, although again, this is very rare. You can get professional herpes treatment in London and all around the country.

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